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The logo for "The Wildwell Trials". Gold lettering sits in front of a multicolored mountain

For our inaugural season of Tabletop Tiddies, we took a dive into Fearfort,

a world completely homebrewed by our Dungeon Goddess, Charlene Bayer. Follow Borba Skullcleaver, Meella Thornfire, Steve, and Wilmer Ademith Miandis III as they enter The Wildwell Trials (which is totally not a rip off of any other post-apocalyptic competition). Featuring guests like Josephine McAdam, B.Dave Walters, and Noura Ibrahim, this season is not one to miss!

Art of Borba
Art of Steve
Art of Wilmer
Art of Meella
Art of Char as the Dungeon Master

Will Borba defeat her brother        and    avenge her family?

Can Meella return honour and glory to the Thornfire name?

Why is Steve really in the trials, and how far will her enemies go once she gets there?

Will our favourite awkward teenager, Wilmer, ever be able to lead the country?


The Wildwell Trials is available now on all podcast platforms and our Youtube channel!

New? Listen to the Trailer


Char's Headshot
DM - Producer

Charlene Bayer


Charlene Bayer was Tabletop Tiddies’ Season 1 DM, and she couldn’t be more thrilled! An avid TTRPG player, this was their first time DMing and she is praying to have strong Brennan Lee Mulligan vibes. Their storytelling and character/world building skills come from her two professional theatre degrees (John Abbott College and Capilano University Musical Theatre) as well as their long history of video game obsession. An avid feminist and horror lover, Char is the creator and host of Drinking And Screaming (, a top rated queer and feminist podcast about horror movies and cocktails! When she isn’t playing TTRPGs, video games, or podcasting, Char is a voice actor for various video games and film/tv productions. Char currently lives in Vancouver with their partner Kelly and her cat Buddy.

Player - Producer

Amanda Lourenço


Amanda is super thrilled to be one of the players of Tabletop Tiddies.  A big nerd herself, Amanda has always found the world of D&D and TTRPG very intriguing and thinks it's about time she rolled up her sleeves (and dice) and joined a new campaign. She's a graduate of the Musical Theatre program at Capilano University, and currently works as a teacher the Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts. Aside from the arts, Amanda is also very passionate about Social Justice and has decided to return to school to study Law. In her free time, Amanda enjoys listening to podcasts, fangirling over Avatar (TLAB and Korra) and embroidering for her friends. She is also a player for the play podcast Legends: A Superhero Story, which uses a new TTRPG system Legends: The Superhero Role Playing Game. written by Chad and Jack Matchette.

Select credits include: Wicked Witch/Ensemble in SHREK The Musical (Align Entertainment), Ensemble in 9 to 5: The Musical (CapU Theatre), Charlotte in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Theatre Under The Stars), Grushinskaya in Grand Hotel (Arbutus Studio) and Maggie Winslow in A Chorus Line (A Fighting Chance Productions).

Amanda's headshot
Emily's Headshot
Player - Producer - Editor

Emily Matchette


Emily could not be more excited to be one of the players for Tabletop Tiddies! She is a Level 1 TTRPGer, excited to return to the world of DND after not playing since university and spent the vast majority of her socially distant time listening to actual play podcasts. Before discovering podcasting and RPGs, Emily graduated from the Bachelor of Performing Arts program at Douglas College and the Musical Theatre Diploma program at Capilano University. Currently, she teaches dance and musical theatre at the Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts in Coquitlam and Richmond, BC and is a newly certified ACE Personal Trainer. Emily is a player and editor for the actual play podcast Legends: A Superhero Story, which uses a new TTRPG system “Legends: The Superhero Role Playing Game” written by Chad and Jack Matchette, Emily’s father and brother.

Player - Producer

Sara Mayfield


A fan of make believe and dress up from a young age, Sara is delighted to be a player on season 1 of Tabletop Tiddies. Before the world shut down, her only RPG game consisted of a deeply flawed one off in highschool. Now she is proud to say that she has dipped her toes in the water, slipped, and fallen headfirst into multiple campaigns. Outside of the dice life, she is a classically trained singer, and spends her free time working on her music on her youtube channel and for events. She, like her fellow players, is a graduate of Capilano University’s Musical theatre program and can be found around BC performing to highschools, historic theatres, and under the open air… once it all open up again.

Sara's headshot
Rachel's headshot
Player - Producer

Rachel Theilade


Rachel couldn’t be more hyped to have the opportunity to bring back an old Character of hers, Borba Skullcleaver, for this campaign!  As a graduate of the Musical Theatre Program at Capilano University, and a die hard fan of videogames, she has always been a fan of storytelling and Roleplaying Games. Her previous experience with the tabletop variety were only a few campaigns with close friends, but that was more than enough to hook her in and want even more! Rachel is also in charge of all the Tiddies Social media Platforms, so you’ll certainly be hearing from her a bunch! Come join us on this adventure and see what crazy shenanigans Rachel can get up to as Big Buff Barbarian Orc Lady!

Guest - Producer - Tech

Kelly Wright


Kelly Wright is the Storyteller for Tiddies By Night, they run the backend of the Tabletop Tiddies streams, and design all the logos and overlays for the current projects. As a Forever DM, Kelly is excited to finally get to play in a longform D&D game, especially as a character that represents the nonbinary community! They are a graduate of the Vancouver Film School Game Design program which has given them the skills of storytelling, design, and “fun feel” that they apply to everything they do. When not rolling math rocks with TTT their other projects include them talking about horror movies and cocktails on Drinking And Screaming ( or playing video games on Super Hopped-Up (

Kelly's Headshot
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