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Run entirely by people of marginalized genders, Tabletop Tiddies has been producing

queer and feminist TTRPG Actual Play Live Streams and Podcasts since 2020.


With three seasons of Dungeons and Dragons live streamed shows, and two seasons of Tiddies By Night, under our belt, we are pleased to be currently running two shows: Forgotten Guardians, Dungeons & Dragons, and Season Three of Tiddies By Night, our Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle.

If you’d like to support our shows, please subscribe for free on YouTube and follow us on Twitch! Did you know - if you have Amazon Prime, you get one free Twitch subscription? Please consider using that to support these Tiddies! Tell your friends about us if you like the shows and tell your enemies if you don't!


Tabletop Tiddies will always be free for everyone. You can support the show and buy

Tabletop Tiddies merch here!



For our fans that want to help make the show the best it can be, we are on Patreon offering some amazing extras, including behind the scenes content, the ability to vote on elements that will affect the story, exclusive bonus episodes, and more! Check it out here!


Tweet about the show and use #TTTiddies - we just might name an NPC after you!

"As someone who has played with the Tiddies on multiple occasions, no-one comes harder than the Tiddies" - Jeremy Cobb


Feel free to email us at or fill out the form here!

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