Meet the Team

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Emily Matchette

Executive Producer/Executive Director/YouTube Manager

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Kelly Wright

Producer/Graphic Designer/Stream Manager/Storyteller

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Katrina Teitz

Producer/Social Media/Marketing

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Charlene Bayer

Executive Producer/Public Relations/Dungeon Goddess

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Cheyenne “Casper” Lynn

Producer/Public Relations

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Sara Mayfield

Producer/Sponsorships and Advertising

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Dare Hickman

Producer/Fundraising/Sponsorships and Ads

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Rachel Theilade

Producer/Social Media/Marketing



Run entirely by people of marginalized genders, Tabletop Tiddies is so happy to

announce a second season, with, not one, but TWO Actual Play live streams and podcasts. For more information on Into the Revelia and Tiddies By Night click here!


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