Upcoming Shows

We are so excited to be producing, not one, but TWO actual play

shows for our second season!

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Season Two Promo

The logo image for "Into the Revelia". A dirty, white ticket, with a red border.

A continuation of our Season One

Wildwell Trials campaign, Into the Revelia is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5e Actual Play podcast and stream, led by our fearless Dungeon Goddess, Charlene Bayer. Witness Borba Skullcleaver, Steve, Wilmer Ademith Miandis III, and Ascher Læknir enter into the spooky, candy filled carnival "The Revelia" in search of the villianous patreon, Heckna.


Twitch Stream: Tuesdays 7pm PDT

Podcast Release: Fridays

The logo for "Tiddies By Night". "Victorian Age" crosses the top, and the lettering is old fashioned

Using the Vampire the Masquerade system, we are so excited to be joining the #Vamily with Tiddies By Night. With Kelly Wright as Storyteller, Tiddies By Night will be set in Victorian London and follow the adventures of a team of vampires investigating the supernatural. This show will explore some darker themes, while keeping the Tabletop Tiddies comedy you know and love.


Twitch Stream: Wednesdays 8:30pm PDT

Podcast Release: Saturdays

Previous Shows

Logo for "The Wildwell Trials". The title is in gold lettering, in front of a rainbow mountain

For our inaugural season of Tabletop Tiddies, we took a dive into Fearfort, a world completely homebrewed by our Dungeon Goddess, Charlene Bayer. Follow Borba Skullcleaver, Meella Thornfire, Steve, and Wilmer Ademith Miandis III as they enter The Wildwell Trials.

The entire Wildwell Trials is available now on all podcast platforms and our Youtube channel!