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We at Tabletop Tiddies are incredibly grateful to our season and episode sponsors. To show them that our show is worth sponsoring, consider using the links below, and be sure to tell them we sent you!


We have many options for advertising on Tabletop Tiddies! If you are interested in learning more regarding advertising, please email us at


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elderwood academy.png

Forgotten Guardians (Episodes 1-13)

Tiddies By Night Season Three (Episodes 1-13)

We love Elderwood Academy’s mission to make people happier with their gaming, and we love their customization options for their fantastic products! Elderwood Academy offers gaming-themed gear including spellbook dice trays, dice boxes and towers, and other enchanting RPG supplies. The Tiddies all received amazing Hex Chests to store our dice! These handcrafted Hex Chests are made of top-grade solid hardwoods and feature magnetic enclosures and a sculpted beehive interior to hold your dice in style.

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Forgotten Guardians (Episode 5)

Tiddies By Night Season Three (Episode 5)

At Session Zero Clothing and Accessories, you can find hats, pins, jackets, tshirts, and more all with fantastic TTRPG designs. We know you'll like what you see, so why not grab some new merch before your next game night! Shop now at because it's never cool to skip out on Session Zero!

elderwood academy.png

Forgotten Guardians (Episodes 1-4)

Tiddies By Night Season Three (Episodes 1-4)

At you can find retro swing skirts, dick shaped soap, vampy wiggle dresses, glorious purses, and more! Shipping to Canada and the US, this fantastic Vancouver-local shop offers the best selection of pinup clothing right to your door. With inclusive sizes ranging from extra small to 6X, each item has been hand-picked and carefully curated by owner and former pinup model, Jen Kaboom. Follow them on Instagram @pinupcanada


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Season Sponsor: The Wildwell Trials

Geekwood is an amazing, Canadian owned company, that sells epic dice sets, gorgeous dice vaults, and other original, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind D&D accessories. ​


Get a free D&D-themed pin of your choice from our collection with the purchase of anything on by using the promocode "TIDDIES"!

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Season Sponsor: The Wildwell Trials

Nerdy Narwhal Co. is a Canadian Etsy store based in BC. They sell beautiful hand-polished manufactured dice and handmade nerdy earrings! ​


Use the discount code "TABLETOPTIDDIES" for 15% off!

Rocketman Props.png

Season Sponsor: Into the Revelia (Ep1-10) and Tiddies By Night Season One (Ep2-11)

Rocket your accessories to new heights with nerdy and gay Vancouver based Rocketman Props. Their enamel and laser cut wooden pins, and waterproof coasters come in all your favorite franchises. Orders over $35 ships free to Canada and the US! Use the promo code TIDDIES for 20% off!

S2 TBN Video Slides.png

Season Sponsor: Escaping Tesora and Tiddies By Night Season Two

Inspire to Create a space you can be proud of at Inspire 2 Create Shop! A small canadian business supporting and sourcing their materials from other small canadian businesses, they have everything to make your space as cool and nerdy as possible. They have cheeky and funny decals to personalize your walls and cars, and dishwasher safe mugs sporting your favorite class for when you come out of a long rest. Roll for initiative with Inspire 2 Create’s dice towers and get one for yourself using our code "TIDDIESBYNIGHT" for a discount!

OBP Commissions.png

Season Sponsor: Escaping Tesora and Tiddies By Night Season Two

Interested in having a cast member from Disney or Les Miserable sing a song written for a loved one of yours? Or do you perhaps need a Fantasy or Sci-Fi cinematic theme for a tabletop gaming character? What about an intro and outro for your gaming podcast? With over 40 years of professional experience in theatre, music composition, and musical direction, the team behind Off the Beaten Path has you covered.


Season Sponsor: The Wildwell Trials

The Storm Crow Alehouse a.k.a "a sports bar, but for geeks", is a community space where everything from the decor on the walls to the design of the menus are filled with science fiction and horror fandom... not to mention the full-size TARDIS onsite and several rather exotic pieces of fantasy taxidermy. Being the Home of the Dungeon Burger and Random Shots, at the Alehouse you can eat and drink with destiny. Roll a D20 and let the capricious whims of Fate build your burger and choose your shooter! Canada's Most Apocalyptic Bar is open for Dine In, Delivery and Takeout!


Listed Alphabetically

Escaping Tesora (Episodes 20-25)

Tiddies By Night Season Two (Episodes 20-25)

A horror movie review podcast that analyzes horror films through a queer and feminist lens, all while drinking a cocktail we create to match the mood and themes of the movie. Drinking And Screaming episodes feature behind the scenes stories, celebrity guests, movie trivia, and lots of queer and feminist discussion topics. Hosted by Charlene Bayer (she/they) and Kelly Wright (they/them), listen to new episodes of Drinking And Screaming every Monday!

The Wildwell Trials (Episodes 1-3)

Head over to Fantasy By Numbers to check out their special Dragon Egg Dice Boxes and custom magic wands. Use code "TIDDIES" for 10% off!

Escaping Tesora (Episodes 9-13)

Tiddies By Night Season Two (Episodes 9-13)

Hero Forge is a free-to-use online character design application. Create and share your unique designs using their in-depth character creator tools. Order customized tabletop miniatures that truly represent your characters. Whether you prefer to start from convenient presets or fine tune your character feature by feature, Hero Forge makes it easy. Best of all, designing, saving, and sharing characters is completely free! Visit to start designing your custom miniature today and check back often: new content is added every week.

Tiddies By Night Season One (Episodes 3-4)

Canadian based, everything made at MacFies Wizard Shop is 100% handmade and one of kind. Their handcrafted wooden stakes and runes are made of solid wood, carved, sanded and finished by hand with a lot of emphasis on the types of wood used and their unique properties.

The Wildwell Trials (Episodes 18-20)

Nerfblat Bits is an amazing, Canadian Etsy store! They offer nerdy mugs, minis, and absolutely stunning, hand painted boxes that are perfect for storing your dice or other precious treasure.

The Wildwell Trials (Episodes 4-6)

Into the Revelia (Episodes 5-7)

An independent specialty game store in the hearts of Vancouver and New Westminster. Rain City Games wants to offer a welcoming place for every board game fan. Join them for regular game nights (now online!), or swing by to check out the latest and greatest game.

Into the Revelia (Episodes 3-4)

Tiddies By Night Season One (Episodes 5-6)

Sḵwálwen Botanicals is an Indigenous skincare brand that honours cultural plant knowledge, Indigenous science and self-care rituals. Founded by ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph of Squamish First Nation, Sḵwálwen incorporates sustainably harvested botanicals, organic oils, nourishing plant-derived butters and steam distilled essential oils, offering skincare experiences grounded in the natural world.

Into the Revelia (Episode 1)

With a mission to create inclusive art and apparel to provide visibility and validation to marginalized identities, Toadstool’s Gift Shop crafts uniquely beautiful forms of expression for your everyday life. Be proud of the skin your in with pronoun pins, stickers and zines promoting radical self-love and LGBTQ+ pride.

The Wildwell Trials (Episodes 8-12)

Dungeon Crate™ is a monthly RPG subscription box designed to enhance your tabletop experience. Each month, the Dungeon Crate™ team personally curates all items in the crate. So just like in every game campaign, you won’t know what’s coming, but it’s sure to be glorious! Items are compatible with all varieties of tabletop roleplaying games. Use promo code "TIDDIESDC20" for $5 off a new subscription!

The Wildwell Trials (Episodes 13-17)

Into the Revelia (Episodes 2-4)

Tiddies By Night Season One (Episodes 2-4)

Escaping Tesora (Episodes 1-4)

Tiddies By Night Season Two (Episodes 1-4)

Check out Geeky Tendencies on Etsy! With D&D spellbooks, geeky drinkware, dice bags, party decor, and more, you're sure to let your geeky light shine through everything you do! **Use code “TIDDIES10” for 10% off storewide

Into the Revelia (Episode 8)

Tiddies By Night Season One (Episode 2)

Jushmu is an independent artist who creates work for those who need that little bit of light on a bad day. With products for D&D lovers, strugglers of mental health, and those who just enjoy silly things, Jushmu creates a variety of products aimed to make you smile, even if it's just a teeny, tiny one. Use code "TIDDIES" for 15% off!

Into the Revelia (Episodes 9-10)

Modern Arcana’s modern graphic design will change the way you think of spellcasters. With spells level 1 through 3 available on their website, they are expanding as quick as they can to get all their designs on shirts, posters and mugs! Keep your eyes out for their full deck of spell cards, formatted in an easy to read and stylish to look at format.

Escaping Tesora (Episodes 5-8)

Tiddies By Night Season Two (Episodes 5-8)

This fantastic Vancouver-local shop offers the best selection of pinup clothing right to your door. With inclusive sizes ranging from extra small to 6X, each item has been hand-picked and carefully curated by owner and former pinup model, Jen Kaboom. At you can find retro swing skirts, dick shaped soap, vampy wiggle dresses, glorious purses, and more! Seriously - at least half of my wardrobe is from this amazing independently owned shop, which ships Canada and US wide. Don’t delay - Follow them on Instagram at Pin Up Canadato find the perfect retro outfit and risqué homewares today!

Into the Revelia (Episodes 10-11)

Tiddies By Night Season One (Episodes 11-12)

Simply Indiginous' is a monthly subscription box that showcases Indigenous entrepreneurs and their products. Their mission is to support Canadian Indigenous entrepreneurs and help them showcase their creations. By signing up, it is an exciting was to support Indigenous businesses.

The Wildwell Trials (Episode 7)

Based in Surrey, BC, Stitch2Far sells face masks of the fun and nerdy variety, as well as and geeky pouches that are the perfect size for all your colourful dice!

Into the Revelia (Episodes 5-6)

Tiddies By Night Season One (Episodes 7-8)

Wabanaki Maple Syrup has created a twist on a traditional culture with their signature line of Barrel Aged Maple Syrup products of bourbon, whiskey and toasted oak. Proudly 100% Indigenous female-owned and located on Neqotkuk Tobique First Nation, Wabanaki Maple is proud to introduce you to this tradition that's shared by many Peoples of the Wabanaki Confederacy.

2023 Indiegogo Supporters

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Alex Holt

Aydan Tillett

Brenda Gause

Charisse Teitz

Colleen Davis

Jennifer Fox

Jennifer Hudson

Kyle Gould

Lance Schantz

Matthew Reidel

Paresh Maharaj

Patrick Parker

Steph Braithwaite

Sandro Desaulniers

Tyus Bro

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