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Season One: The Wildwell Trials - Sponsors

The Geekwood Logo

Geekwood is an amazing, Canadian owned company, that sells epic dice sets,  gorgeous dice vaults, and other original, handcrafted, one of-a-kind D&D accessories. 

Get a free D&D-themed pin of your choice from our collection with the purchase of anything on Geekwood.ca by using the promocode "TIDDIES"!

Nerdy Narwhal Logo

Nerdy Narwhal Co. is a Canadian Etsy store based in BC.  They sell beautiful

hand-polished manufactured dice and handmade nerdy earrings!

Use the discount code "TABLETOPTIDDIES" for 15% off!

StormCrow Alehouse Logo

The Storm Crow Alehouse a.k.a "a sports bar, but for geeks", is a community space where everything from the decor on the walls to the design of the menus are filled with science fiction and horror fandom... not to mention the full-size TARDIS onsite and several rather exotic pieces of fantasy taxidermy. 


Being the Home of the Dungeon Burger and Random Shots, at the Alehouse you can eat and drink with destiny. Roll a D20 and let the capricious whims of Fate build your burger and choose your shooter! 


Canada's Most Apocalyptic Bar is open for Dine In, Delivery and Takeout! 

Episode Sponsors

Fantasy By Numbers​​

Episodes 1-3

Head over to Fantasy By Numbers to check out their special Dragon Egg Dice

Boxes and custom magic wands. Use code "TIDDIES" for 10% off!

Rain City Games

Episodes 4-6

An independent specialty game store in the hearts of Vancouver and New

Westminster. Rain City Games wants to offer a welcoming place for every board game fan. Join them for regular game nights (now online!), or swing by to check out

the latest and greatest game.


Episode 7

Based in Surrey, BC, Stitch2Far sells face masks of the fun and nerdy variety, as well as and geeky pouches that are the perfect size for all your colourful dice!

Dungeon Crate™

Episodes 8-12

Dungeon Crate™ is a monthly RPG subscription box designed to enhance your tabletop experience. Each month, the Dungeon Crate™ team personally curates all items in the crate. So just like in every game campaign, you won’t know what’s coming, but it’s sure to be glorious! Items are compatible with all varieties of tabletop roleplaying games. Use promo code "TIDDIESDC20" for $5 off a new subscription!

Geeky Tendencies

Episodes 13-17

Check out Geeky Tendencies on Etsy! With D&D spellbooks, geeky drinkware,

dice bags, party decor, and more, you're sure to let your geeky light shine through everything you do.

Nerfblat Bits

Episodes 18-20

Nerfblat Bits is an amazing, Canadian Etsy store! They offer nerdy mugs, minis, and absolutely stunning, hand painted boxes that are perfect for storing your dice or other precious treasure.