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Tiddies By Night returns with it's seconds season, and the stakes have never been higher. With the recent release of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" the city of London is bound to break out in panic over the alleged existence of vampires amongst them. Will the Investigator's of the Occult and Unusual be able to hold back the wave of fear, or will they break under the pressure? Good thing they'll have the help of two new kindred joining the coterie

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Twitch Stream: Wednesdays 8:30pm PDT 11:30pm EST

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Storyteller - Producer - Editor

Kelly Wright


Kelly Wright is the Storyteller for Tiddies By Night, they run the backend of the Tabletop Tiddies streams, and design all the logos and overlays for the current projects. As a Forever DM, Kelly is excited to finally get to play in a longform D&D game, especially as a character that represents the nonbinary community! They are a graduate of the Vancouver Film School Game Design program which has given them the skills of storytelling, design, and “fun feel” that they apply to everything they do. When not rolling math rocks with TTT their other projects include them talking about horror movies and cocktails on Drinking And Screaming ( or playing video games on Super Hopped-Up (

Player - Producer - Tech

Charlene Bayer


Charlene Bayer is thrilled to continue on with Season 2 of Tiddies By Night as Octavia Miller, the blind Tremere with a deep connection to all things that go bump in the night! An avid TTRPG player, her storytelling and roleplaying skills come from their two professional theatre degrees (John Abbott College and Capilano University Musical Theatre) as well as her long history of video game obsession. An avid feminist and horror lover, Char is the creator and host of Drinking And Screaming (, a top rated queer and feminist podcast about horror movies and cocktails! When they aren’t playing TTRPGs, video games, or podcasting, Char is a voice actor for various video games and film/tv productions. Char currently lives in Vancouver with her partner Kelly and their cat Buddy.

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Emily' Headshot
Player - Producer

Emily Matchette


Still feeling pretty new to Vampire the Masquerade, Emily could not be more thrilled to be returning to Tiddies By Night and sweet sweet Imogen White. Emily graduated from the Bachelor of Performing Arts program at Douglas College and the Musical Theatre Diploma program at Capilano University. Currently, she teaches dance and musical theatre at the Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts in Coquitlam, BC. Emily is a player and editor for the actual play podcast Legends: A Superhero Story, which uses a new TTRPG system “Legends: The Superhero Role Playing Game” written by Chad and Jack Matchette, Emily’s father and brother.

Player - Producer

Rachel Theilade


Rachel is back as your favorite monstrosity, Evelyn Stormloft! This Nosferatu got herself is some serious business last season, and Rachel is VERY excited to see where it all goes. When she's not trying to become the next Harpy, you can find her playing in our DnD Campaign Tuesday nights, as well as managing the Tiddies social media! Rachel will see you soon... When Night falls on the city of London...

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Player - Producer - Fundraising - Sponsorship & Ads

Dare Hickman


A Guest turned PC, Dare is new to Vampire the Masquerade but is no stranger to queer chaos. Returning as Leon Cavallo, the resident Toreador with a love of drama and a sense for flair. Dare is a trans femme, non-binary writer, game designer and performer in the TTRPG space. When she isn’t designing games, they’re often performing with a knack for making messy, complicated characters.

Player - Producer

Casper Lynn


Not normally a fan of vampires, Casper is excited to play the most mustachioed and beastly boi, Belgium Jerry. Pursuing a career in Sci-Fi/fantasy TV writing, Casper has focused their talents on highlighting marginalized communities with queer BIPOC leads that destigmatize mental illness. Outside of writer’s summits, digitals series, and fellowships, they created a scripted lesbian werewolf podcast called Howl the Podcast.  Casper is thrilled to join the Tabletop Tiddies team as a player/producer, combining their love of games and production with this welcoming and supportive cast and crew.

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Tiddies By Night Character Art by Donald Kirby