Cheyenne “Casper” Lynn


Producer/Public Relations

Born and raised in Florida to a military family, Cheyenne “Casper” Lynn graduated high school with an Associate in Arts Degree. They moved to Canada, after adventures in Japan and Korea, to attend Toronto Film School where they took Film Production. They spend their free time volunteering for various film festivals and fan conventions, collecting board and card games, and diving into the world of tabletop role playing games.

Pursusing a career in scifi/fantasy TV writing, Casper has focused their talents on highlighting marginalized communities with queer BIPOC leads that desigmatize mental illness. Producer of an award-winning short film, Her Little Rose, recipient of the Writers for Writer's Diversity Initiative in 2019, Casper continued their success by winning the Al MaGee Diverse Screenwriter Award and participating in the Ontario Creates IDM Funds Futures Program. They attended the BIPOC Kids' TV Writing Bootcamp III in 2020.

Outside of writer’s summits, digitals series, and attending the GBH Kids Fellowship, they’re working on a scripted lesbian werewolf podcast they created called Howl the Podcast.

Casper is thrilled to join the Tabletop Tiddies team as a player/producer, combining their love of games and production with this welcoming and supportive cast and crew.

You can follow their progress on Twitter and Instagram @wolfgirl2525.