Streaming for Survivors

We are thrilled that Tabletop Tiddies will be taking part in WAVAW- Rape Crisis Centre's Streaming for survivors event.

Join us March 28th at 1pm PST, LIVE on Twitch, as our party ventures into

Dino-venture Park! - a "Dungeons and Dinosaurs" one shot DM'd by our very own Sara Mayfield! We will also be joined by our special guest Kelly Wright.


Donate now and get special rewards that will effect the game, and help us reach our goal of raising $200 or more for survivors.

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre provides free-of-charge, gender-affirming support services to survivors of sexualized violence with shared experiences of gendered oppression including cis and trans women and trans, non-binary and Two Spirit survivors. Support services include victim services, hospital, court, and police accompaniments, and individual and group counselling. Gender-based violence is systemic, and our work goes beyond service provision to advocating for and enacting change within our society to create safer communities. Despite being BC's largest sexual assault centre, and managing a caseload of more than 300 survivors at any given time, the waitlist to access free-of-charge counselling at WAVAW is almost 2 years long. A donation of $35 funds 1 hour of Crisis Support on WAVAW’s toll-free, 24 hour a day, nation-wide Crisis and Information Line.

Check out some of the in game rewards you can get for donating:


$5.00-Shout Out & Dino Fact
You will receive a live shout out during the stream, including a fun dinosaur factoid!

$10.00 Health Potion!

Give a character of your choice a greater healing potion!

$15.00 Roll With Advantage

Give one player of your choice the opportunity to roll with advantage on

any one roll!

$20.00 Nat 20: Ability Check

Grant the character of your choice one (1) automatic Nat20 that they can

use on any ABILITY CHECK

$30.00 Nat 20: Any Roll!

Give the character of your choice One (1) Nat 20 to use on any roll

of their choice!