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Sara Mayfield is delighted to be playing “killing machine”

Wilmer in Tabletop Tiddies’ second season. Sara is looking

forward to once again act as a producer, Ad/Sponsor

coordinator, Guesting organizer and Publicist for this

second season. Before the world shut down, her only RPG

game consisted of a deeply flawed one-off in highschool.

Now she is proud to say that she has dipped her toes

in the water, slipped, and fallen headfirst into

multiple campaigns. Outside of the dice life, Sara is

an actor, classically trained singer, indie songwriter,

podcaster, and a playwright. Loving music from a young

age, she worked hard to get her level 8 voice certificate

with the Royal Conservatory of Music, as well as her

Advanced Music Theory Rudiments and Level 2 Piano

certificates. She later picked up a guitar, which is her favored instrument

to this day. When not making music or rolling for a wild magic surge, she is freestyle roller skating, stilt walking, puppeteering, skiing, snowboarding, and rock climbing. Other projects include her original pop/rock musical, The Girl Next Door, her youtube channel where she performs original songs and covers, and various film projects that can be found on her website! Sara, like her fellow players, is a graduate of Capilano University’s Musical theatre program and can be found around BC performing to highschools, historic theatres, and under the open air… once it all opens up again.

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