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Season 2: Into the Revelia Tiddies By Night

Rocketman Props​​

Season Sponsor - ITR E1-E10, TBN E2-E11

Rocket your accessories to new heights with nerdy and gay Vancouver based Rocketman Props. Their enamel and laser cut wooden pins, and waterproof coasters come in all your favorite franchises. Orders over $35 ships free to Canada and the US!

Use the promo code TIDDIES for 20% off!


Listed Alphabetically

Geeky Tendencies

ITR 2-4, TBN 2-4

Check out Geeky Tendencies on Etsy! With D&D spellbooks, geeky drinkware,

dice bags, party decor, and more, you're sure to let your geeky light shine through everything you do.


ITR 8, TBN 2

Jushmu is an independent artist who creates work for those who need that little bit of light on a bad day. With products for D&D lovers, strugglers of mental health, and those who just enjoy silly things, Jushmu creates a variety of products aimed to make you smile, even if it's just a teeny, tiny one. Use code "TIDDIES" for 15% off!

MacFie's Wizard Shop

TBN 3-4

Canadian based, everything made at MacFies Wizard Shop is 100% handmade and one of kind. Their handcrafted wooden stakes and runes are made of solid wood, carved, sanded and finished by hand with a lot of emphasis on the types of wood used and their unique properties.

Modern Arcana

ITR 9-10

Modern Arcana’s modern graphic design will change the way you think of spellcasters. With spells level 1 through 3 available on their website, they are expanding as quick

as they can to get all their designs on shirts, posters and mugs!  Keep your eyes out for their full deck of spell cards, formatted in an easy to read and stylish to look at format.

Rain City Games

ITR 5-7

An independent specialty game store in the hearts of Vancouver and New

Westminster. Rain City Games wants to offer a welcoming place for every board game fan. Join them for regular game nights (now online!), or swing by to check out

the latest and greatest game.

Simply Indiginous

ITR 10-11, TBN 11-12

Simply Indiginous' is a monthly subscription box that showcases Indigenous entrepreneurs and their products. Their mission is to support Canadian Indigenous entrepreneurs and help them showcase their creations. By signing up,

it is an exciting was to support Indigenous businesses.

Sḵwálwen Botanicals

ITR 3-4, TBN 5-6

Sḵwálwen Botanicals is an Indigenous skincare brand that honours cultural plant knowledge, Indigenous science and self-care rituals. Founded by ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph of Squamish First Nation, Sḵwálwen incorporates sustainably harvested botanicals, organic oils, nourishing plant-derived butters and steam distilled essential oils, offering skincare experiences grounded in the natural world.

Toadstools Gift Shop


With a mission to create inclusive art and apparel to provide visibility and validation to marginalized identities, Toadstool’s Gift Shop crafts uniquely beautiful forms of expression for your everyday life. Be proud of the skin your in with pronoun pins, stickers and zines promoting radical self-love and LGBTQ+ pride.

Wabanaki Maple

ITR 5-6, TBN 7-8

Wabanaki Maple Syrup has created a twist on a traditional culture with their   signature line of Barrel Aged Maple Syrup products of bourbon, whiskey and toasted oak. Proudly 100% Indigenous female-owned and located on Neqotkuk Tobique First Nation, Wabanaki Maple is proud to introduce you to this tradition that's shared by many Peoples of the Wabanaki Confederacy.

Logo for Rocketman Props