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Kelly’s first time learning what a podcast was involved

listening to an old episode of Kermode and Mayo's Film

Review where they yelled about Sex In The City. Upon

learning that podcasts are mostly just people talking

about things they like (or don’t), they knew they had

to be on one. They joined their friend’s ongoing show

Super Hopped-Up, and it’s been nothing but

podcasts since then. Now, Kelly is the co-host

of Drinking And Screaming (a top rated

horror film review podcast) with their partner

Char, and they also play Insomnia and do all

the tech work on Vancouver By Night (A Vampire

The Masquerade actual play stream). Space Game 

is a soon-to-be-released actual play of Out On The

Rim, which Kelly is the Game Master for. Kelly is

incredibly happy to help out with Tabletop Tiddies,

providing both audio and visual technical support as needed for both the

podcast and the live Twitch streams! When not podcasting or playing video games, Kelly can be found working on Billy Saves The World (a new videogame coming to PC and consoles in 2021) or watching horror movies with Char and their cat Buddy.

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