Art of Char as the Dungeon Master, wearing a purple cloak with dice floating above her hands
Art of Wilmer. He's cowering, holding his candy wand in one hand, with electricity around the other
Art of Steve. Her rapier is in one hand, with electricity around it
Art of Borba with Floof by her side
Art of Asher holding their staff
The logo for "Into the Revelia"

A continuation of our Season One Wildwell Trials campaign, Into the Revelia is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5e Actual Play podcast and stream, led by our fearless Dungeon Goddess, Charlene Bayer. Witness Borba Skullcleaver, Steve, Wilmer Ademith Miandis III, and Ascher Læknir enter into the spooky, candy filled carnival "The Revelia" in search of the villainous patron, Heckna.

Into the Revelia Trailer


Twitch Stream: Tuesdays at 7pm PDT

Podcast Release: Fridays