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Emily could not be more excited to be one of the players

for Tabletop Tiddies! She is a Level 1 TTRPGer, excited

to return to the world of DND after not playing since

university and spent the vast majority of her socially

distant time listening to actual play podcasts. Before

discovering podcasting and RPGs, Emily graduated

from the Bachelor of Performing Arts program at

Douglas College and the Musical Theatre

Diploma program at Capilano University.

Currently, she teaches dance and musical

theatre at the Lindbjerg Academy of

Performing Arts in Coquitlam and Richmond,

BC. A newly certified ACE Personal Trainer, Emily

has just started her own company: MatchFit

Athletics. Emily is a player and editor for the actual

play podcast Legends: A Superhero Story, which uses

a new TTRPG system Legends: The Superhero Role Playing Game

written by Chad and Jack Matchette, Emily’s father and brother.

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