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Tabletop Tiddies' Dungeons & Dragons show is back for season three - with all new characters exploring an all new premise! "Escaping Tesora" follows a group of friends who are sucked into a high fantasy escape room, having to fight their way out with the help of their newly acquired Avatar bodies, equipped with magical abilities and powerful new skills! This show will explore themes of self discovery, knock-off pop culture references, chosen family, intrigue, and queer culture... But is this really just a game?


Twitch Stream: Tuesdays at 7pm PDT/10pm EST

YouTube Release: Fridays



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DM - Producer

Charlene Bayer


Charlene Bayer is thrilled to continue DMing for TableTop Tiddies, and she cannot contain her excitement for this brand new season! An avid TTRPG player, their storytelling and character/world building skills come from her two professional theatre degrees (John Abbott College and Capilano University Musical Theatre) as well as their long history of video game obsession. An avid feminist and horror lover, Char is the creator and host of Drinking And Screaming (, a top rated queer and feminist podcast about horror movies and cocktails! When she isn’t playing TTRPGs, video games, or podcasting, Char is a voice actor for various video games and film/tv productions. Char currently lives in Vancouver with their partner Kelly and her cat Buddy.

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Player - Producer

Sara Mayfield


Sara Mayfield is delighted to be returning for Season 3 of Tabletop Tiddies! Before the world shut down, her only RPG game consisted of a deeply flawed one-off in high school. Now she is proud to say that she has dipped her toes in the water, slipped, and fallen headfirst into multiple campaigns. Outside of the dice life, Sara is an actor, classically trained singer, indie songwriter, podcaster, and a playwright. Other projects include her original pop/rock musical, The Girl Next Door, her YouTube channel where she performs original songs and covers, and various film projects that can be found on her website! Sara, like her fellow players, is a graduate of Capilano University’s Musical theatre program and can be found around BC performing to high schools, historic theatres, and under the open air… once it all opens up again.

Player - Producer

Casper Lynn


Pursuing a career in Sci-Fi/fantasy TV writing, Casper has focused their talents on highlighting marginalized communities with queer BIPOC leads that destigmatize mental illness. Outside of writer’s summits, digitals series, and fellowships, they created a scripted lesbian werewolf podcast called Howl the Podcast.  Casper is thrilled to join the Tabletop Tiddies team as a player/producer, combining their love of games and production with this welcoming and supportive cast and crew.

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Player - Producer

Rachel Theilade


Rachel is back for season 3 and couldn't be more excited! This time round, she is branching out and away from her comfort zone of playing the tank, and will be taking a more support based role by taking on the role of Druid! Off stream, you can still catch her managing the Tiddies social media as well, so make sure to say hi on Twitter! She hopes you enjoy the amazing story this team has cooked up!

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Player - Producer - Tech

Kelly Wright


Kelly Wright is the Storyteller for Tiddies By Night, they run the backend of the Tabletop Tiddies streams, and design all the logos and overlays for the current projects. As a Forever DM, Kelly is excited to finally get to play in a longform D&D game, especially as a character that represents the nonbinary community! They are a graduate of the Vancouver Film School Game Design program which has given them the skills of storytelling, design, and “fun feel” that they apply to everything they do. When not rolling math rocks with TTT their other projects include them talking about horror movies and cocktails on Drinking And Screaming ( or playing video games on Super Hopped-Up (

Player - Producer - Social Media - Marketing

Katrina Teitz


Katrina is super excited to be joining this amazing group of people in Tabletop Tiddies! Besides joining the cast of the Tuesday Night DND show, she will also be co-running the Social Media accounts so say tuned for some great content! A person of many passions, Katrina Teitz is an actor/singer/stunt enthusiast residing in Vancouver, Canada and land of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nations. In her spare time, Katrina trains almost everyday in flips/tricks/martial arts to pursue her career in stage/screen combat and stunts. She is currently working with local fight and movement based theatre company Affair of Honor on their next show The Five Vengeances (September 2022) by Jovanni Sy and other projects. Katrina has her black belt in Karate and has been a provincial champion fighter. Her next martial art she is tackling now is Wushu.