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Charlene Bayer is Tabletop Tiddies’ Season 1 DM, and

she couldn’t be more thrilled! An avid TTRPG player, this

will be her first time DMing and she is praying to have

strong Brennan Lee Mulligan vibes. Her storytelling

and character/world building skills come from her

two professional theatre degrees (John Abbott

College and Capilano University Musical Theatre) as

well as her long history of video game

obsession. An avid feminist and horror lover,

Char is the creator and host of Drinking And

Screaming (,

a top rated queer and feminist podcast about

horror movies and cocktails! She also plays Morgan

on Vancouver By Night (a Vampire The Masquerade

Actual Play Stream:

and Nat on Space Game (an Out On The Rim Actual

Play Stream coming soon). When she isn’t playing TTRPGs, video games, or

podcasting, Char is a voice actor for various video games and film/tv productions. When it comes to TTRPGs Char has played with some of the greats, including Matthew Mercer, Mark Meer, B.Dave Walters, Cynthia Marie, and so many more… She won’t stop until this can become her full time job too! Char currently lives in Vancouver with her partner Kelly and her cat Buddy.

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